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Ultra-high net solutions for today’s mass affluent


Fewer Clients 

Better Results

Our multi-family office model is designed to look after a select number of clients. This way, we can spend considerable time and effort to provide a customized bespoke report and ongoing monitoring for each client’s unique circumstances and objectives. 

Our comprehensive financial analysis provides a personalized plan synopsis, detailed net worth and liability statements, and cash flow analysis projecting well into the future. 

By limiting our client roster to just 35 families, we are able

to devote 200 hours per family per year to achieve the best possible results, providing frequent, ongoing contact and support. 

It is this level of detail that allows us to pinpoint opportunities and future pitfalls that may have been overlooked by your previous financial management team. 




Synergy Family Office has selected the best in class, discretionary managers, exempt and private placement advisers to offer a full spectrum of products in and out of the publicly traded market.


We provide a written financial plan that provides a roadmap of our client's financial future. Our sophisticated financial planning software allows us to look at clients' circumstances and anticipate opportunities for optimization before they happen. Our tax-focused planning software has identified ways to reduce or eliminate your tax liabilities.


Synergy Family Office truly values the relationships with their clients and takes extra precautions in the privacy of their information. We have a dedicated IT support team to protect against cyber corruption. In addition to this, we have contracted a top-level corporate investigation firm that conducts extensive background checks on investment managers and the businesses they represent. Our objective is to take a proactive approach whenever possible.


Who we are 

Synergy Family Office Inc. was founded in 2010 by Colin M. Keddy, who has more than a quarter-century of experience. He is widely recognized as

an expert in planning, analytics, and financial optimization. 

Our dynamic team uses best-in-class financial software and sophisticated tax management strategies. We have had great success in reducing tax liability – in many cases, millions of dollars per client – and are often able to identify such opportunities in as short as two or three meetings. We provide sophisticated solutions commonly overlooked by other providers in the financial services industry. 

Our clients range from professional athletes and entertainment executives to physicians, entrepreneurs, and Canada’s top business owners. 


A holistic, multidisciplinary approach

Too often, the professionals acting on a client’s behalf – lawyers, accountants, insurers, and real estate agents – work in isolation, with different tools and different visions.

Synergy Family Office delivers comprehensive, integrated professional services, with the singular goal of benefiting our clients and their wealth.

For many of our clients, we consult with their existing professional network to ensure alignment and consistency. For clients who require a full overhaul of their professional services, we connect them with our outstanding network of professionals.


Synergy Family Office is a multi-family office that supports a select few affluent families to manage their entire wealth.


We provide a broad range of services, including:

    Tax and estate planning

    Risk management

    Objective financial counsel

    Investment advice

    Foundation management

    Intergenerational wealth transfer

    Family governance and administration


Synergy Family Office will also coordinate your existing advisory groups, such as banking, legal, accounting, insurance, and investment management. We provide advice in one, a concise written plan, coordinating all of these relationships to close the gap on common and costly errors.

What we do





Our office works in coordination with licensed, partnering firms. Any details within this website should be verified with the individual issuer to whom we will gladly connect you with. Many offerings are limited and may expire without notice once fully subscribed. Information found on this website is for reference purposes only and does not constitute investment advice. 


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