Our mission at SFO is to help and support our clients and their families to achieve the greatest level of success possible and to encourage and foster success and purpose; from one generation to the next.  

Custom Financial Planning

Each client is provided with a written financial plan that illustrates a “road map” of their financial future. Our sophisticated financial planning software allows us to look at each ​client's circumstances and anticipate opportunities for optimization before they happen.


Our sophisticated, tax-based software, has, on average, identified ways to reduce or eliminate tax liability by hundreds, thousands or even millions of dollars by properly structuring and coordinating our client’s financial position.


Best in Class Managers

and Products

After decades of research and experience, SFO has been able to identify products and strategies that work in unison to provide clients with exceptional tax managed results.


Success doesn’t need to come from pushing the envelope and taking unnecessary risk, it just requires doing the work that others won’t.


Many claim to be holistic and offer a multi-disciplinary approach, but do they?


Are you being consulted or just being sold?

Tracking and Monitoring Reporting

By limiting our number of clients, we can place a greater emphasis on tracking assets and implementing products and solutions that will enhance our clients’ bottom line or improve their way of life.


It is not uncommon for us to meet with clients on a monthly basis, depending on their level of need and complexity. Using best-in-class technology also allows us to communicate with clients who are more remote and don’t require as much face to face interaction.


Risk Management, Security and Privacy

SFO values the relationship of their clients and takes extra precautions in the privacy of the client information. We have dedicated I.T. support to protect our client’s interests and assets. SFO has partnered with world-class litigators and arbitrators ready to advise and represent claims when necessary to ensure we stay ahead of any issues.  


We know that life presents many challenges, so we make available a wide range of protection products from life insurance, disability, and health plans to custom-designed insurance for travellers and professional athletes. If you have a risk, we will find a way to address it.  


We provide governance and concierge services to provide our clients with peace of mind, empowering them to focus on what matters most.


Families are sometimes reluctant to address the issues and circumstances that affect affluent persons. We do our best to address these issues, which are often unique to each situation. We strive to find solutions that align with our client’s personal ideologies.


Concierge Services are designed to complement the overall client experience and support a wide range of needs.